Week 1: One Year To An Organized Work Life

Manage-your-time-organize-your-life The work begins for the first week of
organizing my work life.  I notice that each month will start with a
couple of new habits that I will need to incorporate into my life. 

This month, we start with 1) Making my bed every
day.  Psychologically this allows us to bring the day to a beginning
(when we get out of bed) and an end (when we roll back the covers to
get into bed and go to sleep).

And 2, each day we need to carve off 5 minutes to get
away from the desk (or workplace) and go for a walk, take the stairs,
etc.  This is designed to snap our mind away from whatever we are so
intensely focused on and give us the chance to recharge our mental
batteries for a few minutes.  It has the added benefit of being a
healthy activity!  For me, my schedule is so random with client
meetings, running around viewing properties, and talking on the phone
to all the folks it takes to pull a transaction together that I don’t
think I will have the chance to fix a time for this.  I’ll have to see
how it goes.

I’ve been told that it takes 30 days of repeating
this same activity for it to become a habit / routine.  I’m sure
Sabrina will be happy if I just make the bed 30 days in a row —
becoming a habit, that’s just too much for her to think about!


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