Week 3: Calendaring

We’ve now hit the place in the first month where I
need to organize my schedule.  I’ve struggled with this one for some
time now and it’s frustrating for me because I used to work at Palm —
the king of organizers!

Actually, I think it’s the increase in technology
that has gotten me so disorganized.  Every piece of software has a
calendaring mechanism — Mac has one, iPhone has one, Yahoo has one,
Gmail has one, and my client management system has one.  They don’t
talk to each other and so you could be left with events being scheduled
all over the place and never synchronized.  I also have a huge
month-by-month dry-erase calendar on my wall I use for my overview. 
This is where I’m starting from.

Here’s my “get organized” commitment:  I will use my
Mac iCal application to control events and schedule.  I will
synchronize with my phone daily.  Another tip I learned from a business
mentor (this may be covered in the future of this book) is to 1) Start
by mapping the whole year — vacations, holidays, trips, birthdays and
anniversary, etc; 2) Plan the month — what social and personal events
have to be blocked off or commitments need to be met; 3) Organize the
week — block off time for the must-do business activities; and 4)
Prioritize the day — to make sure I am focusing on the most important
activities that have the most impact to my business and my life.

It’s a start!


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