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Originally from the East coast, I grew up and completed college in southeastern Massachusetts.  After spending many years going through the ranks of a software company, I decided to challenge myself to take my life in a completely new direction — I moved to Taiwan! I lived there 4 years, learned to speak Mandarin, and had an “experience of a lifetime”. 

I spent every day learning more and more about Asian culture; traveling to countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia; and I grew particularly successful at cross-culture communication — understanding each other’s needs when English (or Chinese) is not your first language.  I am grateful for the bonds I have throughout Asia that will last a lifetime.

I returned to the Bay Area in 2000 and shortly afterwards began to think there must be something more I can do to bring a deeper satisfaction through the work I do every day — 18 years in high tech engineering, management, marketing, and sales positions were preparing me for something new and something big.  Sabrina introduced me to the endless opportunities in Real Estate.

I began to devour reading material from teachers and mentors, attending seminars and surrounding myself with successful people who have built great real estate businesses around the country. Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams, the 4th largest network of real estate brokers in the US, opened the door to the opportunities awaiting Sabrina and I.

My Entrepreneurial Drive had been awakened!  Sabrina and I formed a team under Keller Williams and “the mesh network” was born.  Before you start to envy me, I have to tell you it takes a lot of courage to go from receiving a paycheck every two weeks to not knowing when the next paycheck will come.  But that’s the risk I am willing to take in order for me to make the next step.  My motto became “Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.”

This is a good life – wake up in the morning all fired up for a purpose, knowing everything I do today will have big affect on other people’s life.  I am passionate about finding great opportunities in real estate, playing tennis, squash, golf, and occasionally the drums; sharing wine and fine food; and an as-yet unfulfilled desire for Italian automobiles.

Most influential books: The Millionaire Mind, Getting to Yes, The Secret, and Lance Armstrong: It’s Not About the Bike.


mark easterday

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