SOLD: 371 Hayes Ave, Santa Clara 95051

371 Hayes Ave – $849,900. Listed 7/27/11 (The Boyenga Team of Intero Real Estate represents the Seller) Sold for $870K, COE 9/27/11

– 4 bed, 3 bath

– 1663sf living space on a 5600sf lot

– Built in 1955

– Remodeled Anshen & Allen designed home, Finest materials, Top of the line fixtures

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Mark’s Preview Notes: 

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Hay1 Hay1a
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SOLD: 34 Grove Dr, Portola Valley 94028

34 Grove Dr – $2,395,000. Listed 7/18/11 (Dean Asborno of Coldwell Banker represents the Seller) Sold for $2395K, COE 7/27/11

– 4 bed, 4 bath

– 3160sf living space on a 43560sf lot

– Built in 1954

– Views of Windy Hill, Country living with a contemporary flair, Private setting 

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SOLD: 3105 David Ave, Palo Alto 94303

3105 David Ave – $995,000. Listed 7/14/11 (Paul Engel of Coldwell Banker represents the Seller) Sold for $1158K, COE 8/24/11

– 3 bed, 2 bath

– 1389sf living space on a 7597sf lot

– Built in 1956

– Property is being sold "As-Is", Value is in the land

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Mark’s Preview Notes:

This is the only one of the 2 David listings now being sold that is worth recovering.  It’s a workable Mackay on a nice court which also has a spacious courtyard-like entry.  The other home at 3103 David is a tear-down scraper as it has irrecoverable foundation damage.  If you go for 3105 then you should know that your neighbor will be rebuilding something new in its place.

Mold — Buyers, make sure you read the report

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 4.17.45 PM
This one word is enough to terrify most buyers, and for good reason.  Mold can represent a serious health issue and finding it in a home you are considering to buy is cause for immediate concern.  This story is a perfect example.

259 Pilgrim Loop, Fremont is a bank-owned foreclosure so it comes with no reports or useful disclosures, of course.  On the surface this is a relatively new home, 20 years old, and aside from the typical foreclosure neglect it does not seem to have been abused because I’ve seen much worse!  It is listed at $1.375M and is in a neighborhood where homes should be selling for at least $200k more so it feels like the bank has priced it to move.  I wrote an offer for a client and even though we were competing against 3 other buyers, we managed to get accepted.  We are all very excited and of course at this point we launch our general inspection and due diligence investigation.

Since this is a huge home, the inspection actually took 5 hours!  (I use a very thorough company).  After coming down from the attic, Brad tells me “I found some mold up here” — the words I never want to hear.  We both crawled back into the attic so he could show me what he found and sure enough, it looked just like the pictures he had shown me on his camera.  There was mold growing from floor to ceiling along the “vapor barrier”, which is the tar-paper like material that protects the inside from the exterior siding before the stucco is applied.

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 3.47.05 PM
I immediately engaged my mold specialist, Christina Lombardo of C&W Environmental, who did a thorough inspection a few days later.  She confirmed the worst.  At first, we hoped that the mold had been limited to the areas where we could see the vapor barrier in the gable ends of the upper walls of the attic near the roof.  However, Christina found an area where she could see the siding from the attic area all the way to the ground and it was infected all the way down.  It was not isolated, it was systemic.

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 3.46.21 PM
The best way to remediate mold this extensive is to probably replace all the exterior siding and vapor barrier.  After talking with an architect, we guessed this would be about a $100k job.  Even if it is completely repaired, my clients felt they would never really feel comfortable in this house after discovering such a pervasive mold issue.  I processed a contract cancellation and we are moving on.  Thanks to my extended “team” of go-to people, we avoided a very scary situation.

It’s purely speculation on my part, but I believe this home has a serious defect from the original builder.  I believe the builder improperly installed the “vapor barrier” and in fact it looked like they were running out of a particular material and switched to something else partway through construction.  Even worse, I also think the builder cut corners by not installing any plywood behind the stucco and vapor barrier, thus allowing this condition to grow over the last 20 years.

If you are considering an offer on this property, please note that as of July 1, 2011 the seller and listing agent had copies of my general inspection and mold report ( Download 259 Pilgrim Loop – Report of Findings).  If you live in this Mission Hills Fremont neighborhood in a home built about the same time (and have stucco siding), I strongly recommend you go into your attic and look at the gable-end walls and see if there is any mold growth.



SOLD: 153 Bonny St, Mountain View 94043

153 Bonny St – $728,000. Listed 7/11/11 (Jeanne Macvicar of Sereno Group represents the Seller) Sold for $779K, COE 9/1/11

– 2 bed, 2 bath

– 1282sf living space on a 6264sf lot

– Built in 1950

– Eco-friendly remodel, Dry finish sauna, Solar panels, Edible landscaping 

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Mark’s Preview Notes:

Here is a unique makeover in an overlooked pocket of smaller homes.  It certainly stands out among it’s neighbors!  Bamboo floors, light and bright openness, and concrete floors are just some of the creative ideas to see here!

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Bon1 Bon1a
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Bon4 Bon5

Canceled: 539 Castlerock Ct, Sunnyvale 94087

539 Castlerock Ct – $870,000. Listed 7/6/11 (Kevin Welby of Intero Real Estate represents the Seller) 

– 3 bed, 2 bath

– 1540sf living space on a 4180sf lot

– Built in 1969

– Enclosed atrium, New carpet, Loft is ideal for home office or kids playroom 

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Mark’s Preview Notes:

Here is another Bahl Patio home in Sunnyvale from the late 60s.  Somewhat on the pricey side given that it needs bathroom updates and the tiles need a makeover.  A nice neighborhood and certainly good schools.

MLS Photos:

Cast1 Cast2
Cast3 Cast4
Cast5 Cast5a