Off Market Opportunity: 15325 Norton Rd, Saratoga 95070

Please tell me we can find someone who has the resources to save this house!  Here is an incredible piece of architecture (I’m still researching who is the architect) because this home is composed completely of trapezoidal shapes and angles.  All of the window shapes, each of the bedroom walls, the multiple roof angles, all are trapezoids – I don’t think there is a right angle in the whole house, this is very unique!  There is even a pool house which is shaped like a trapezoid.  The condition is very rough, but if you can see past that there are great bones of a structure that should be restored.  For the most part all the original elements are in place, the cabinetry and built-ins are all there in hard wood with aluminum pull handles, and the light colored wood paneling of the period seems to be in good shape.  Flooring is a concrete slab with radiant heat (bonus), they used steel I-beam for support and in the stairway, and just look at those 25ft tall single wide-plank siding!  Behind the overgrown trees is some of the best views money can buy from Mountain View all the way to downtown San Jose.

Mark’s Photos:

I think this house is a hidden treasure and could be a great project to restore.  Here is what we do:

  • Go down to the bare concrete slab to resurface it for that high-end loft feeling
  • Get an architect to draft up plans to connect the main house with the pool house which is only about 20ft away, this will help increase the bedroom count
  • Remove the living room fireplace to increase space in the bedroom behind that wall
  • Repair all the ceiling tongue and groove while installing a ribbed metal roof
  • Select a paint scheme that combines some natural wood tones with muted colors instead of the white/gray it is today
  • Replace all the sliding doors and opening windows as well as the stationary trapezoid windows for dual pane (same time as repairing any wood damage before roof and painters)
  • In fact, I think the living room to deck should be replaced with either 2 side by side sliders or even a Nanawall
  • I like the pool, but for some people removing it is a better choice so I could go either way
  • Modernize the landscaping and make the huge retention wall an architectural feature as you drive up

Call Mark at 408-887-1821 for pricing.


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