2008 Keller William Family Reunion

You have to picture the scene.  Over 8300 Keller William Agents from all over the United States – most of them wearing some kind of red clothing (the KW’s color) – most of them somehow trying to emphasize their area of the country (like the team from Texas carrying a pair of longhorns mounted high on a sign post) – all gathering for the 9th annual Keller Williams real estate conference known as Family Reunion.  This year it was held in the Atlanta Conference Center.  The energy and excitement was palpable.  Why?  Keep reading.

With the recent “shift” in the market, you would think that attendance would be down or the mood being somewhat subdued since most agents have been dealing with lower incomes on a lower number of sales.  But no — this place was rocking!  Here you have 8300 of the most fired-up Realtors in the business.  Think about it.  When the market shifts like we’ve been talking about for the past year, who is going to spend the money and time on a 4-day trip to Atlanta when people are supposed to be working on their business?  Only the ones who are serious about thriving no matter what the housing market looks like, that’s who!  These are the people who are fired up about the opportunities this market is creating, not sitting around the coffee machine complaining about how bad the economy looks.  This is who we spent the last 4 days with – learning, socializing, mentoring, laughing, and even crying.

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams is an amazing speaker.  He is a very low-key and low-energy style speaker but he brings such profound thoughts to the audience that we all have to recognize we are in the presence of greatness.  It is in his matter-of-fact delivery of both basic and advanced guidance for business management, emotional grounding, client care, family importance, and all points related to being a thriving agent.  It really hit home for me.  It was an inspiring joy to be with him that I will never forget.

Other highlights include a party for 8300 people (if you can imagine that) with live music and dancing; an awards ceremony to recognize the most successful teams; hundreds of exhibitors showing us products we can use to grow our business and serve clients better; a silent auction that will raise money to benefit a Keller Williams charity; an inspirational brunch that introduces people who have overcome incredible obstacles in their lives and demonstrated amazing accomplishments; and hundreds of breakout sessions for opportunities to learn from mentors and leaders who are part of the most successful teams all across the country.

What did I take away from Family Reunion?  Stay tuned for future posts because there is too much to go over right now.

For me, it was a big dose of enthusiasm.  We work for a great agency, and we work with the best people in the business.  It is an honor to bring this strength to each of the clients we serve.