Market Insights – August 26, 2017

Well you are hearing it here first, some very exciting sales this week:

The Mossbrook Eichler had something like 18 packages out which turned into 7 offers.  It ended up at about $1.7m — yes, $300k over list price and where 2 doors down I just sold in January a brand new rebuild Eichler at $1.556m.  Crazy?!

The Fairorchard Willow Glen Eichler, which was completely updated (with Blomberg sliders by the way) had offers that pushed it up to $1.75m where the highest sale in that neighborhood was about $1.5m last year.  Crazy?!

So, what I think is happening is the ripple effect.  People who were thinking they could get into Sunnyvale or Cupertino around $1.8m+/- have accepted that won’t happen, so they are being pushed to their next tier choice which will be Mossbrook and Willow Glen.  That means they have a lot more ability to drive up prices in those areas from $1.5 to where we see them now.  Is it sustainable?  Probably.  Just because one person offers $1.75m for Fairorchard doesn’t mean there is another one who will do it again on the next house, but it does make a statement.

Just my take on it.

Market Update – February 10, 2017

It’s finally Spring!  Well that’s what we believe here as our Bay Area Spring starts right after the Super Bowl.  34 new listings on market for the Friday tour is the highest this year so there is your proof!  Interesting to note is that several of the new listings this week are re-lists of homes that did not sell last year — that’s right, there are many homes in Palo Alto and Los Altos Hills that did not sell last year.


Market Update – January 20, 2017

There are signs that the market is beginning a slow awakening from the winter hibernation.  Last week on the Friday tour (Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto) there were 22 new listings.  This week there are 29 new listings.  I believe the endless rain, Trump inauguration, and rising interest rates may be playing into another slow week.  After all, who wants to be hosting a Broker Tour or Open House in a torrential downpour?  Several very attractive tear-down lots have also come on in Palo Alto so will be very interesting to see where those go.